Answers to frequently asked questions

Who is proposing this project?2023-09-13T15:41:43-04:00

This development is being proposed by three partners: New England Family Housing CEO Kevin Lacasse, William & Reeves Principal Deane Navaroli and Metro Walls founder and chairman Mike Dion. Also on the development team is Ed Roberge of Stantec, a former Concord City Engineer for over 20 years who will be leading the engineering, and William & Reeves financial analyst Zachary Richards. Market Square Architects will be assisting with building layout and elevations.

How much tax revenue will the development generate for Concord?2023-08-17T14:08:42-04:00

While we are still in the conceptual phase and are working with the city to determine exact figures, initial calculations estimate it will be approximately $6 million annually.

What are the additional economic benefits from this project?2023-09-05T13:35:05-04:00

The chief economic benefit will come from the added 944 housing units of all types and price levels, which will enable more people to live and work in Concord. There will be additional economic benefits from the construction phase through full build-out. Once completed, over 120 new jobs will be created from the new retail stores and onsite building management staff. Good-paying construction jobs will also be created, and workers employed by this project will spend money in the community.

What is your timeline for construction?2023-08-17T14:10:30-04:00

We are in the preliminary stages of proposing the concept to the community and city officials. When construction might begin depends on many factors, including rezoning, negotiations with the city and permitting. Should we receive all permits and approvals, we expect to construct the different sections of the development in a phased approach. Some of the early phases may be built concurrently. We are still estimating how long each phase will take to build, but we expect it will be a multi-year project.

How will the project affect traffic in the area?2023-08-17T14:11:12-04:00

We will be conducting a traffic analysis and will share our findings during the planning board’s site plan application process.

How will you address environmental concerns?2023-08-17T14:11:42-04:00

The environment and our proximity to the Merrimack River is one of the greatest assets of this project. We will preserve 43 acres of the site, feature more than 4 acres of parks and open green space, allow public access to the river and create over 2 miles of walking trails that will interconnect with the existing river trail network.

We will comply with all state and federal guidelines and work closely with government officials during the construction period to ensure the riverbed is protected. The development itself will be set back at least 200 feet from the river, and we will have systems in place to prevent any change in runoff. There is also a unique bluff along the waterfront that provides a natural protective barrier.

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