Monitor Way developers present plans to Concord Planning Board

November 03, 2023 – Northern New England

Concord, NH The Monitor Way development team presented updated plans for its proposed 135-acre, mixed-use development near the Concord Monitor building, featuring a total 944 housing units, to the public. Monitor Way presented its proposal to the Concord Planning Board on October 18, 2023 for a conceptual design review.

With input from the community, Monitor Way has added nearly 300 housing units since the project was first informally presented to the community in August 2022, as well as new plans for an adjoining 40-acre parcel north of the originally proposed 95-acre parcel owned by Newspapers of New England.

“We have met with community members, abutters, business leaders and interested organizations to fine tune our vision for Monitor Way, maximizing its potential while protecting the natural beauty of these parcels,” said Kevin Lacasse, CEO of New England Family Housing. “Greater Concord and the state of New Hampshire have a critical need for additional housing, with a vacancy rate so low only one out of every 333 apartments are available in Merrimack County. A healthy vacancy rate should see one out of every 20 apartments available at any given time. We look forward to engaging in a productive conversation with the planning board as we work to deliver much-needed housing, retail and recreational opportunities for the region.”

The Monitor Way team includes Lacasse, Deane Navaroli, principal at William & Reeves CRE, and Mike Dion, founder and chairman of Metro Walls.

The proposal features 151 workforce housing units, 327 market-rate apartments within a mixed-use retail center, 223 standalone market-rate apartments, 71 town homes for sale and 172 condominiums for sale and rent in the northern parcel. It will also feature over 100,000 s/f of commercial retail space and another 100,000 s/f of self-storage space.

Once complete, Monitor Way is anticipated to generate more than $6 million in annual property tax revenue for the city, create nearly five acres of open greenspace for resident and public use, two miles of new walking trails and boat access to the Merrimack River. Nearly half of the property’s natural greenspace will be preserved.

The properties are currently zoned for industrial use. Monitor Way will be seeking approval from the Concord City Council at a later date to rezone this land to allow for the proposed mixed-use development.

Monitor Way is a mixed-use development project proposed for 95 acres along the Merrimack River owned by Newspapers of New England and about 40 acres owned by the Concord Regional Solid Waste Co-op, which would add about 944 housing units, including workforce housing, market-rate apartments and condominiums for rent and sale, as well as 100,000 s/f of commercial retail space and 100,000 s/f of self-storage. The project would also make about five acres of open space available to the broader community, along with community access to the river and over two miles of new walking trails.